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# Product Descriptions:

* Scare Away Intruders - Use Motion Detection Light to switch ON automatically when someone is in range. The Best product to scare away intruders and robbers even when you are away.

* Save Electricity - Saves electricity up to 95% as light switches ON only when required. No point keeping the light ON when no one is around.

PIR based Halogen Lamps that automatically lights upon the detection of motion of a human being in its's area. The Passive Infrared Sensor has the capability to detect thermal changes in its range and switch on the attached Halogen lamp for a user settable duration. The light has also the setting to avoid getting ON during the day.

# Features:

PIR Motion Sensor with Floodlight

Day and Night Mode

Time Adjustment

Sensitivity of the Detector

# Specifications:

Power Source: AC 220 / 240, 50Hz

Max Lighting Load: 150 Watt (Halogen Tube)

Detection Angle: up to 120°

Detection Range: up to 22 ft.

Time Adjustment : (10 ± 5) sec. to (4 ± 1) min

Warm up Time: about 1 min

Mounting Height: 1.8 Meters to 2.4 Meters

# Applications:

Covered/Semi-Covered Parking Area

Backyard/Garden area

Balcony & Stairways


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Halogen Floodlight Security Light With Motion Sensor,150 Watt

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